Nuts & Bolts of Running For Office

NewPowerPAC moderates a discussion between elected officials and political consultant on issues related to running a campaign, raising money, and other unique challenges women face when getting involved in politics.

Nuts & Bolts: Part 1

How to Structure an Effective Campaign

NewPowerPAC Board Member Jennifer McNeely moderates a discussion between Bee Nguyen, the newly-elected Representative for Georgia House District 89, and Anna Foote, a political consultant who has managed and advised on many Atlanta city and metro area campaigns. They discuss running a campaign as a business, staffing considerations, balancing volunteers and professionals, unique challenges women face in running for office, and strategies for raising campaign money.

Nuts & Bolts: Part 2

Financing Your Campaign & Critical Financial Reporting Details

NewPowerPAC Board Member, Jennifer McNeely moderates a discussion with Tippi Burch, an Atlanta Attorney specializing in political and election law who also has vast personal experience serving on statewide campaigns, and NewPowerPAC Political Committee Chair, Karli Swift, an Atlanta Attorney who has worked on many campaigns in the Southeast. They provide an overview of financial reporting requirements and some cautionary advice regarding campaign financing. They also have suggestions on governmental office resources.

Nuts & Bolts: Part 3

Personalizing Your Campaign & Scaling a Campaign for a Small Market

NewPowerPAC Board Member, Jennifer McNeely visited with Melanie Hammet, the Mayor of Pine Lake, one of the 500 small cities in Georgia. They discuss some ideas of how to build a political career including how to build a political vocabulary and knowledge base about governing. Bee Nguyen, newly-elected Representative for Georgia House District 89, renown political consultant, Anna Foote, and political and election law specialist Tippi Burch converse about networking strategies and fundraising challenges unique to women.

Upcoming Video Series Why I Ran

NewPowerPAC video series where current and past elected officials discuss how they got involved in politics in Georgia.