NewPowerPAC Presents Georgia Campaign Informational Videos

NewPowerPAC Presents Georgia Campaign Informational Videos

What should women know to run for office in Georgia? Find out with NewPowerPAC’s new campaign informational video series:  The Nuts & Bolts of Running for Office in Georgia.  First Up: How to Structure an Effective Campaign.

In addition to providing campaign mentoring, training, support, and endorsements to women running for office in Georgia, NewPowerPAC is proud to announce a series of training videos created by its Education Committee. These videos provide valuable information and insight to help women navigate the road in running for office. Each video is bite-sized in length (approximately 15 minutes each), but packed with essential information to help any campaign to be both time and cost effective.

NewPowerPAC encourages any Georgia candidate, potential candidate, her staff and volunteers, as well as any Georgian interested in working with a campaign to take a 15-minute break and watch the first NewPowerPAC Nuts & Bolts of Running for Office in Georgia video — “How to Structure an Effective Campaign.”

Join NewPowerPAC Board Member Jennifer McNeely, House District 89 Rep. Bee Nguyen, and political consultant Anna Foote, for practical and immediately useful advice on effectively creating a winning campaign.

Curious? Here’s a preview:

Bee Nguyen, Representative for Georgia House District 89, discusses gender parity.

If you liked the preview, you can enjoy the complete recording at NewPowerPAC’s Resources page.

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