NewPower PAC Leadership Grows

NewPower PAC Leadership Grows


Deneta Sells, M.D, NewPower PAC President

Deneta Sells, M.D., has stepped up to lead NewPower PAC’s governing Board of Directors as president. Sells previously served our nonpartisan organization as treasurer. Attorney Jennifer McNeely, who joined NewPower PAC as a volunteer in 2014, has assumed the treasurer’s seat.

In addition, attorney Laura Denton, a NewPower PAC volunteer since 2016, has agreed to serve on the board. Nancy K. Daves has joined the Leadership Cabinet, through which former board members continue to offer advice and support.

NewPower PAC’s leadership has grown to 15 women with mission-critical Republican, Democratic, and Independent party affiliations. Their work is driven by NewPower PAC’s mission, as stated on our website:

Women are diverse in political party, background, and beliefs. Strong women candidates are effective collaborators who care about many of the same issues regardless of party affiliation.

You can find the updated Board roster along with links to biographies on NewPower PAC’s website here. If you have not yet met these amazing women, be sure to introduce yourself to them at future events.

Do you have an interest in joining this powerful group of women who help to empower, endorse, and elect more women in Georgia? Learn more here at or by email to



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