Endorsed by NewPower PAC: 2017

Endorsed by NewPower PAC: 2017

Empowered-EndorsedDuring the 2017 special and municipal elections, NewPower PAC endorsed and supported eight women who ran for office in Georgia.  Congratulations to these six candidates who won their races and are now serving in the Georgia General Assembly or in municipal offices:

Teri Anulewicz – Georgia House District 42

Deborah Gonzales – Georgia House District 117

Jen Jordan – Georgia Senate District 6

Jennifer Ide – Atlanta City Council District 6

Felicia Moore – President, Atlanta City Council

Bee Nguyen – Georgia House District 89

Additionally, Anna Tillman ran for the Atlanta City Council (District 8), and Laura Rencher ran for mayor of Milton. We commend them for running strong campaigns, and we hope to see their names on ballots in the future.

NewPowerPAC has now endorsed 36 women candidates running in Georgia elections from 2014 through 2017.

3 Georgia Senate Seats

16 Georgia House Seats

1 State School Superintendent

3 District Attorneys

1 Clerk of the Court

3 County Commission Seats

1 County Tax Commissioner

1 Solicitor General

1 County Board of Education

2 Mayors

1 City Council President

3 City Council Seats

With the great support we are receiving, we expect these numbers to climb in 2018.  However, NewPower PAC endorsements do not occur in a vacuum. Events we conduct through the year prepare our candidates for success, provide opportunities for our volunteers to become more civically engaged, and generate new interest that will help shape our future.

NewPower PAC’s endorsement process is nonpartisan, with no litmus test or party affiliation requirements. We invite women interested in exploring running for office to visit our Candidates page or contact us by email at info@newpowerpacga.org.


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