NewPower PAC Celebrates: Electing Women to Office

NewPower PAC Celebrates: Electing Women to Office

Michèle Taylor; Jennifer Ide, Atlanta City Council; Jen Jordan, Senate District 6; Shelly Dinet Hutchinson, candidate for HD107.

Georgia’s NewPower PAC celebrated another great year empowering, endorsing and electing women to office with its annual holiday party on December 4, 2017. The conversations were lively as more than fifty elected officials, community leaders, and candidates met with NewPower PAC directors and supporters.


Sherry Boston, DeKalb County DA, and Lindy Miller, candidate for PSC

President Carole Angel welcomed the group with a few words about the PAC’s work and a thank-you to the donors who make it possible for NewPower to train candidates and support their campaigns.  DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston spoke about persuading women of color to seek higher office, and she thanked NewPower for their encouragement.

Kym Dove, Fulton County Board of Education; Catherine Rowell, Mayor Pro Tem, City of South Fulton.

Many people currently serving Georgia attended, including these honored guests:

  • Sherry Boston, DeKalb County District Attorney;
  • Park Cannon, Representative District 58;
  • Kym Dove, Fulton County Board of Education;
  • Justice Britt Grant, Georgia Supreme Court;
  • Michele Henson, Representative District 86;
  • Jennifer Ide, Atlanta City Council District 6;
  • Jenn Jordan, State Senator District 6;
  • Cassandra Kirk, Fulton County Chief Magistrate Judge;
  • Shondeana Morris, State Court Judge, DeKalb County;
  • Senator Elena Parent, District 42;
  • Catherine Rowell, Mayor Pro Tem, City of South Fulton;
  • Keisha Storey, State Court Judge, DeKalb County;
  • Helen Willis, South Fulton City Council;
  • Katherine Young, State Professional Standards Commissioner & Georgia School Board Association President.

Other dignitaries included:

  • Chinita Allen, educational consultant;
  • Hattie Dorsey, civil and human rights activist;
  • Ashley Groome, Senior Vice President, State Government Relations, McGuireWoods Consulting;
  • Liane Levetan, Former DeKalb County CEO;
  • Royce Mann, young poet and actor;
  • Jon Ossoff, former candidate for U.S. Congress District 6;
  • Rita Scott, Political Director of CWA, retired;
  • Honey Van der Kreke, City Council, Tucker.

Zahra Karinshak, candidate for SD48; Chinita Allen; Kathleen Allen, candidate for U.S. House District 7.

Guests enjoyed the chance to meet these Georgia candidates who have announced their campaigns for office in 2018:

  • Kathleen Allen, U.S. House District 7;
  • Carolyn Bourdeaux, U.S. House District 7;
  • Ronda Colvin-Leary, for Gwinnett County State Court;
  • Becky Evans, for House District 69;
  • Shelly Dinet Hutchinson, House District 207;
  • Dawn Johnson, for Senate District 4;
  • Zahra Karinshak, for Senate District 48;
  • Regina Lewis-Ward, for House District 109;
  • Lindy Miller, for Public Service Commission;
  • Christine Triebsch, Senate District 32;
  • Cindy Zeldin, for Insurance Commissioner.

Chinita Allen, educational consultant, and Cindy Zeldin, candidate, Insurance Commissioner.

A big shout out of thanks goes to the Bartenders Four, Mike Sellers, Mike Montgomery, Bill Selman, and Craig Shapiro who ensured that refreshments and NewPower PACs-a-Punch were in the hands of thirsty guests. With 2017 celebrated, we at NewPower PAC are excited about our plans. Sign up for notice of upcoming events and information about running for office and supporting women candidates in Georgia.

Please join with us as we increase the number of elected women in Georgia.  Your support can help us work for gender parity and positive change. If you want to run for office – or if you are thinking about it – contact us at NewPower PAC to learn about training opportunities, our endorsement process, or just to meet with a NPP representative for a chat over coffee or tea!

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