Heather Fenton
Heather Fenton

Heather Fenton

Heather Fenton has a long history as a management consultant. From 1988 until her retirement she was president of The Fenton Group. Prior to that, she was a partner in a management consulting firm for 13 years and before that, an officer in a publicly-held corporation Since her retirement, Heather is frequently engaged in pro bono assignments calling on her background in strategic thinking, fundraising, and lobbying at the local and Federal levels.

Educated overseas, Heather came to the U.S. after graduating from college for what was intended to be a short visit on her way home to Australia. That short visit has now lasted 40 years and resulted in a husband and their son, Jonathan Ossoff. Heather and her husband travel as much as possible-frequently, it seems, on Jonathan’s trail.

Heather has been awarded many honors for her civic and professional accomplishments. She has served on a number of local and international boards supporting the arts, education, international business, resettlement of refugees, and health and development in the Third World. Her interest in women in politics began when she was extremely active in the Women’s Movement, back when it was called that. In 1988 she was one of only two females selected as International Business Fellows. She is proud to be counted among the founders of NewPower.


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