Anna Foote
Anna Foote

Anna Foote

Born and raised in the City of Atlanta to politically active parents, Anna has worked or volunteered on over 30 local, State and National campaigns, in virtually every capacity.  She is the graduate of two nationally-based campaign training programs.  Anna has been engaged in civic activities for over 25 years.  She is the former Chair of her in-town neighborhood association, Poncey-Highland, and was Chair of Neighborhood Planning Unit-N for seven years.  Anna has been appointed to two City Boards by two Atlanta City Mayors; Invest Atlanta where she served for almost nine years and Little Five Points CID, where she is currently the Board Chair.

Anna’s career has been in the management of non-profits and she has served on a dozen non-profit boards.  She is the Deputy Director for HOPE Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s oldest and most successful social service agencies providing housing and emergency services to homeless in 15 metro Atlanta counties.  In her current position, she is responsible for fundraising and community outreach and communications.

Anna uses her experience to recruit and coach woman who want to become civically engaged in their community, no matter their political orientation.  “Women typically run for office on issues, not on political platforms,” says Anna, “they want to support their community and improve the lives of people in their district and beyond.  That’s what drives them.  I can work with that.”


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