The purpose of NewPowerPAC is to empower, endorse, and elect qualified women to office – at the municipal, county, and state level.


Achieve women’s political parity and advance the public discourse in Georgia by electing diverse women into local office.


NewPowerPAC recruits, trains, mentors, and funds women who will strengthen all women’s voices in the state.



Women are diverse in political party, background, and beliefs. Strong women candidates are effective collaborators who care about many of the same issues regardless of party affiliation. That is why NewPowerPAC does not use a single issue or a litmus test as a basis for support.

NewPowerPAC uses a thorough vetting process to determine a candidate’s suitability for the office she seeks, with emphasis on the candidate’s motivation, campaign organization, familiarity with issues, communication skills, and commitment to her community.

"Women are more collaborative and they can be better at identifying a variety of issues that affect real people, and that’s true of both Democratic and Republican women."

Mary Margaret Oliver

State Senator


Georgia NewPower Logo
Congressman Hank Johnson

Rep. Hank Johnson

Georgia's 4th Congressional District

"Women are still sorely underrepresented in local councils and under the Georgia Dome. NewPower PAC […] provides the platform and the mechanism for creating effective connections among women in policy making and politics."

Kathy Cloninger CEO Emeritus, Girl Scouts of the USA

Kathy Cloninger

CEO Emeritus, Girl Scouts of the USA

"Our world is out of balance and needs the leadership of women and men together, to solve our nation’s problems. Thank you, NewPower, for taking action!"

Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph. D.

CNN Commentator

"Women need to know they can make significant differences in the political realm. Armed with the information, confidence, and resources you can provide, women will […] make their voices heard."

You’re Invited to NewPowerPAC’s Judicial Reception

Expand your NETWORK and CONNECT with Local Judges Featured panelists and moderator: Judge Carla McMillian, Georgia Court of Appeals Judge Paige Whitaker, Superior Court of Fulton County Judge Allison Salter, Cobb County State Court Judge-Elect Latisha Dear-Jackson, Superior Court of DeKalb County Judge Tiffany Carter Sellers, Municipal Court of City of South Fulton CLICK HERE…

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Winning Women in Georgia’s Primary

We have heard about the great number of women running for office this year. Women did well in Georgia’s May 22, 2018, primary, with many claiming positions on their party’s ballot or advancing into the July runoff. Stacey Abrams, former minority leader in Georgia’s House of Representatives, won the Democratic nomination for Governor, making history…

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NewPowerPAC Presents Georgia Campaign Informational Videos

What should women know to run for office in Georgia? Find out with NewPowerPAC’s new campaign informational video series:  The Nuts & Bolts of Running for Office in Georgia.  First Up: How to Structure an Effective Campaign. In addition to providing campaign mentoring, training, support, and endorsements to women running for office in Georgia, NewPowerPAC…

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