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The purpose of NewPowerPAC is to empower, endorse, and elect qualified women to office – at the municipal, county, and state level.


Achieve women’s political parity and advance the public discourse in Georgia by electing diverse women into local office.


NewPowerPAC recruits, trains, mentors, and funds women who will strengthen all women’s voices in the state.

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A message from Jan Selman

We have received a giant uptick in women, contacting us about wanting to run for office. I don’t know if you are aware or not, […]

Join us to celebrate our co-founder’s 70th birthday!

New Power PAC Co-Founder Jan Selman will turn 70 in May; we can’t believe it either!  Jan invites you to celebrate with her and support the cause […]

Poll: Girls think politics is a man’s world

A recent poll of Girl Scouts revealed that, while just over a third were interested in holding political office one day, most believe politics to […]

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What People are Saying

“Women need to know they can make significant differences in the political realm. Armed with the information, confidence, and resources you can provide, women will […] make their voices heard.”

Elizabeth Ossoff, Ph.D. CNN Commentator

“Our world is out of balance and needs the leadership of women and men together, to solve our nation’s problems. Thank you, NewPower, for taking action!”

Kathy Cloninger CEO Emeritus, Girl Scouts of the USA

“Women are still sorely underrepresented in local councils and under the Georgia Dome. NewPower PAC […] provides the platform and the mechanism for creating effective connections among women in policy making and politics.”

Hank Johnson Georgia's 4th Congressional District